About Wolfy Trix Manor

The Wolfy Trix Manor wolf roams free, searching, hunting, watching, and waiting. She glances back at her home, a point of recall, a connection to make when she is ready. Do you long to escape the every day, that which both holds you safe and that which repels you? Perhaps you feel lost or confused. Perhaps you need and want answers and don’t know where to begin.

Allow your inner self to reach out, roam free and explore the clouds of your imagination, possibly into another world. Through creativity, inner blocks melt away. New insights and possibilities can be grasped. In the process of getting lost in your art, your art will reflect something important back to you, an insight or missing pattern in the patchwork of your life.

Allow yourself to be you, release your inner world and let the journey begin.


I found the course helped me recognise more clearly my divine self, my feminine and masculine self and especially helped me identify what I was needing and wanting from an intimate relationship. Meditation and music helped bypass the intellect and connect with my intuition.....the deep knowing self. To me going was a process and journey of slowly unfolding and revealing aspects of msyelf which I had previously not been so aware of or understood. These revelations helped me better understand myself and how to nurture and look after my needs in life.


I was struggling with depression and anxiety and caught in the inability to express my thoughts and feelings in general. Throughout the course, the initial meditations brought forward vivid images, colours or feelings to express through my art. There was always the freedom and choice to convey whatever I wanted. Talking about my process at the end of the session brought more meaning to my art along with listening to other members' views. Exploring and sitting with my personal feelings of frustration and inadequacy allowed me to express and/or release negative or stuck emotions. I learnt that creativity is not fixed or prescribed and not allotted to ’those that can draw well’. Art taught me that expression through colour, movement and focus can aid healing. Most importantly, it is enjoyable and relaxing especially in a group setting. Verity is skilled at providing a space to explore themes along with the freedom and choice to diversify. She has a passion and ability to share and listen through art.’’ Vicky Abraham

'Simply sharing a nurturing space with Verity and like minded people has opened up a rich seem of creative expression within me!'
'This has given me new ideas and a sense of possibility - these things are priceless!'
Thanks for getting me painting again! Art literally sorts my head out.
This is my favourite thing to do all week.

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