The Power of Art

Creating allows you to slow down the mind, become aware and observe your thoughts, as-well as being quite meditative. The process of creating unlocks that sacral chakra, releasing those creative juices that exist within and helps find fulfilment internally. It can also be quite grounding – finding a way to channel and provide an outlet for that creative energy. It can build confidence and has a knock of effect in other areas of your life. It is powerful building a portfolio of work and reflecting on your own work.

Art in the company of others is doubly powerful. It can act as a distraction making it that much easier to talk and connect. A shared commitment to express, create and explore each week. Making the time for yourself; it can be a great time out. Finding rewarding relationships within the group where it becomes a safe space to talk and reflect away from the every day. It also feels great to connect with like minded individuals. It can also bring about a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

”The Artist or the Creator loves to transform something to make it into something completely new. They value freedom and are incredibly imaginative. Sometimes they can spend more time dwelling in their heads rather than actually doing.’‘ Carl Jung

Make the time for yourself to transform yourself!

René Magritte. The Double Secret, 1927.