The Promise

  • You will have a significant, possibly life-changing mental shift on a known issue.
  • You will see something going on for yourself that you did not necessarily anticipate and feel able to address it.
  • You will feel self-sufficient, as though a piece of a puzzle of yourself or your life has been solved.
  • You will have a renewed sense of direction.
  • You will feel uplifted, full of self-compassion and self-love
  • You will feel in tune with your inner nature, essence and true ambience
  • You will obtain a sense of peace, wellness and calm
  • You will feel richly fulfilled creatively
  • You will have a significant takeaway piece of artwork to take away as a reminder of your journey.
  • You will have a sketchbook with any recorded valuable insights
  • You will have made connections with like-minded women also seeking truth, wisdom and freedom

Outcomes from using The Wolfy Trix Manor

  • ‘When I felt lost and overwhelmed – I could identify a completely unexpected issue, which gave me deep insight into finding a way forward.’
  • ‘’I was able to find liberation from family members and discover the essence of my being.’’
  • ‘I was able to articulate my deep inner sexual desires.’
  • ‘I could identify and articulate unhappy feelings and turn them into those of self-compassion and inner strength.’
  • ‘I could express and understand a significant dream, which led to identifying healthy and unhealthy influences in my life.’
  • ‘I could identify where and why I had felt upset and set my boundaries.’
  • ‘I identified a need for independence and a desire to travel, which turned into real-time action.’


Wolfy Trix Manor Self Discovery Soul Art Retreat

Exploration of ‘The Divine Feminine Within’
27th -30th May 2023 Bank Holiday May weekend Earth Spirit Centre, Lockyers Farm, Compton Dundon, Somerton, TA11 6PE , Somerset Womens Only Retreat
SLASH SALE: £650 per person (Down from £950)
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The Divine Feminine

Several major theorists within the field of the Divine Feminine have been considered. Archetypes, different inherent attributes, natures and energy flows of the divine feminine will all be covered. Animals, nature and mythical creatures will be incorporated as vehicles for expression. The counterplay between the masculine and feminine will also be looked at.


The creative process allongside the topic of the divine feminine will enable you to embark on a deep and profound self disocvery journey within where you will learn about yourself and grow in a way you cannot get out of a text book. You will see how the attributes and archetypes etc manifest for you with real time understanding and gain wisdom and ideas for how to grow through the process of creating, reflecting and interpretting your work.

What will I be doing?

  • Creative meditations to ignite the topic area, go deep within and get creative juices flowing
  • Free-flow dance movement to music to connect the mind and body to the shamanic journeying element and integrate that feeling of the feminine form
  • Basic Qigong movement to centre ground and connect with the body
  • A minimum of five hours of painting time on the first two days and two hours on the final day
  • Introductory intuition on different art materials
  • A sound structure for creating large multi-media pieces will be offered
  • Sketchbook notes, if desired

What else is included?

  • Relax and unwind in the sauna in the evening
  • Spectacular bonfire on the final night
  • All artistic materials, including canvases, paints (watercolour and acrylic), soft and oil pastels, charcoals, pens and pencils

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Earth Spirit Retreat Centre

The stunning and authentic Earth Spirit Private Retreat Centre in Compton Dundon is set just five miles from the famous Glastonbury. Here, it lies within the ‘tenemos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon where there are highly potent energetic healing leigh lines. Glastonbury is renowned for it’s goddess energy, pagan spirit and all things Guinevere and King Arthur.

The retreat is situated in a beautiful landscape between two nature reserves. It is just two minutes walk from St Andrew’s church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree of 1,800 years old.

Food and Accomodation

There are various accomodation options including ensuite rooms, standard rooms with a shared bathroom or very authentic and rustic caravans.

A vegetarian menu is offerred and the centre caters for any special dietry requirements (allergies/intolerances, vegan etc) for a small supplement.

'Simply sharing a nurturing space with Verity and like minded people has opened up a rich seem of creative expression within me!'
'This has given me new ideas and a sense of possibility - these things are priceless!'
Thanks for getting me painting again! Art literally sorts my head out.
This is my favourite thing to do all week.

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