Group Art Sessions

Where and When

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm Starting 9th June 2022

Studio, Red Brick Building, Glastonbury, BA6 9FT

About the sessions

The course will take you on an inward journey of self discovery through the powerful medium of art. Explore the mind and soul and its context in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. A journey which can be as structured or personalised and free flowing as you like.

Topics such as free flow art, mystical creatures, painting from dreams and self portrait can reveal hidden depths about you you never knew existed and tap into aspects or themes of your life and personality. Although this will be provided as a framework for exploration there is no obligation to follow the set course materials and individual ideas are encouraged to be brought to the group. The ultimate aim of the course is to develop self directing artists with a long term view of hosting an exhibition

Expected benefits include greater self awareness, calming of the mind, a greater sense of meaning and understanding in the world as-well as hopefully a new sense of direction on both a personal and creative basis.

Enjoy the results of your work and build a portfolio.

What does it include

  • A guided meditation to help you tap into the inner artist frequency, remove blocks and get into the zone
  • A brief physical warm up to get well within the body
  • An introduction to a new theme each month carefully selected to produce creative and fascinating results with on-going support throughout the project
  • Card, paints, pens, pencils and pastels etc will be provided. However if you wish to bring your own additional materials please do so
  • A variety of basic canvases will be available to be bought on the day, however if you wish to user your own canvas please bring this with you
  • An opportunity to meet with other artists and like minded individuals
  • Refreshments will be provided including tea’s coffee and home baked goodies

New theme dates

9th June – 30th June 2022 – 4 week project

Free flow art

We release and exhibit whatever wants to come out and be expressed. We work off imagination and inspiration, where the brush takes us and tap into instinctual use of colour. Get as creative, expressive and free flow as you like!

7th July – 28th July 2022 – 4 week project

Mythical Creatures and Nature

Whether it’s a new friend, a creature with divine gifts or attributes you wish to draw upon, something that reflects an element of your personality or where you are on your journey I guarantee you’ll love the results! Just go with your instinct!

4th August – 25th August – 4 week project

Self portrait

Whether you’re feeling adventurous and wish to go for a nude self portrait, wish to draw something that reflects you, draw from a picture or from your mind, express and explore yourself in a new light. What else will appear on your picture?

1st Sep – 22nd Sep – 4 week project

Painting from dreams

Have you had any monumental dreams recently, a recurring dream perhaps, or wish to combine several dream themes on one piece? Make it challenging drawing completely from memory and feeling or use other images to copy if required.

2 Week break. There will be no class on the 29th September or 6th October 2022

13th Oct – 3rd Nov 4 week Project

Sacred Feminine

The sacred feminine, a liberating and expressive piece with lots of opportunity to get abstract. What does your interpretation of the brief look like for you? A flower? Something unexpected? Your experience of the feminine? You might be surprised what comes out.

10th Nov – 1st Dec – 4 week Project

Sacred Masculine

How do you experience the masculine within you? What does it look like for you in your world and life? Alternatively express some masculine energy you would like more of in your life.

8th Dec – 29th Dec – 4 Week Project

Spirit Animals

Is there one key animal that calls to you? Perhaps several? What’s the interplay? Where do they manifest in your life? What other elements or facets do they sit amongst? Lets get Shamanic – Calling all Power Animal Lovers out there! Let them speak!

5th Jan – 26th Jan 2023 – 4 week Project

Safety Zone

Where is your safe place? Is this a place you can escape to you in your mind, what elements exist there? What is the feel, the sounds, noises, smells and creatures that surround you? Are there any protective guides? What is the atmosphere? Think safe, think protective, let’s create!

2nd Feb – 23rd Feb – 4 Week Project

Only Smarties Have the Answer

Let’s get fun! Man – if only smarties did have the answer! Let’s go get lost and play with the smarties! See if we find some answers!

New themes and dates to be released shortly

How much?

  • £12 per session
  • Drop me a line with any questions 07311104447