Wolfy Trix Manor Instruction Manual

Learn a sound introduction into how to paint, create and express as an artist adopting the ‘Wolfy Trix Manor’ approach to art. Wow, we are going to fully embark on escapism, journeying, exploring emotions and the process of self-discovery.

This how-to guide will allow you to start creating straight away at home and gives you all the background guidance you need before attending a retreat. It is also an excellent lifetime reference tool to always revisit.

Having sound knowledge and understanding will make its application and focus towards a particular topic more easily accessible and more can be attained from the course in general.

Hot of the press - this has not yet been introduced as a stand-alone product as the material within it at present is being kept sacred to those attending the retreats.


Watch this space though!

I hope you love this book and get all you can out of it and more!

Love Verity xox

'Simply sharing a nurturing space with Verity and like minded people has opened up a rich seem of creative expression within me!'
'This has given me new ideas and a sense of possibility - these things are priceless!'
Thanks for getting me painting again! Art literally sorts my head out.
This is my favourite thing to do all week.

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