Learn a sound introduction on how to think, paint and operate as an artist adopting the ‘Wolfy Trix Manor’ method to escapism, journeying and self discovery art.

It is highy reccomended that you read this matertial before attending a retreat to familiarise yourself with this approach to art. By having a sound knowledge and understanding it will make an application and focus towards a particular topic more easily accessable and more can be attained from the course in general.

This way of painting through experience it has been noted can be akin to being set aleash in a magicians cave. It is therefore responsible and I’m sure helpful to offer some ground training so that you can ease into this. This E Book should give you the tools and knowledge to be consciously aware of what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to do it effectively.

This E-Book will also explain where the parameters of what this art is and what this art is not as by it’s ‘self discovery nature’ it can often be confused with art therapy which it is not. Issues therefore on how to keep yourself safe and sign posting will be given.