About Wolfy Trix Manor

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Adrian Von Ziegler – Wolf Blood

Did you notice the wolf?  Did you notice the fairy tale palace?  Did you notice green for intuition, purple for wisdom?

The Wolfy Trix Manor wolf roams free, searching, hunting, watching, waiting.  From his mountain top he can see his home in the distance, a point of recall, a connection to remake when he is ready. 

Do you long to escape the everyday, that which both holds you safe and that which repels you. Does your inner wolf long to roam, to discover what is beyond the constraining walls of the familiar?

Perhaps you are sick of conforming. Perhaps your true self is buried by the burdens of caring for others. Perhaps you are yet to discover your wolfish dreams?

The art groups hosted by Verity under the WolfyTrix Manor brand are a time, where your inner self can reach out, roam free and explore the clouds of your imagination. Get lost in fantasy and mythical creatures and let your paint brush be your guide. Through relaxation and acceptance of the creative process, inner blocks to buried dreams will melt away.  

Go to a world where there are no limits, where new insights and possibilities can be grasped, even for a brief time.  In the process of getting lost in your art, your art will reflect back to you something important, an insight or missing pattern in the patchwork of your life, that you may only see days later as you observe your creation. Even a split second of personal insight can move your worlds, shift your day, your week, even your entire life. 

Give yourself permission to escape to an art group with a difference.  A Wolfy Trix Manor group does not judge you or your creation.  It provides a safe space to explore, in the company of others, sharing your journey if you wish.  The connection is through support and a shared commitment to break free. Art can provide a reference point to talk about things that can seem impossible to vocalise or articulate in other ways. To hear, be heard and to have spoken something aloud is powerful. The entire process builds your confidence and sense of self.   

Wolfy Trix Manor is a journey into maybe make-believe, maybe an alternative world where your canvas is your stage.  All is possible.  Allow yourself to be you, release your inner wolf and let the journey begin.  Where it will take you is up to you.  Dare to explore.