About Verity

Verity has been a self practicing artist since a young child and is akin and attuned to the healing benefits of art. She is fascinated by the power of the medium to access the mind and soul and discover and realise things about oneself that one never knew before.

Verity has recently completed a Creative Facilitation & Reflective Arts Practice Course in Socially Engaged Arts. Verity holds an Art Life Coaching Qualification, as-well as A-Level Art and a BA (Hons) Hospitality Management degree, but believes her true understanding has come from her own personal work and direct facilitating experience.

She has worked in several therapeutic health care settings including ‘Enable’ in Yeovil; Personalised Mental Health Services and “We Are With You’ in Weston Super-Mare; Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Services. She has also worked widely and creatively with children including working as a Lead Facilitator in Personal, Social and Health Education in inner city schools in Bristol via ‘Unique Voice’, as-well as an After School Arts Club Manager.

Verity is passionate about meeting with and developing artists and knows how easy it can be to get blocks and make the time to get creative and hopes to provide a space to bring artists together so they can connect, explore and grow.

She is a compassionate and creative individual with an uplifting and caring approach and manner and has had extremely positive feedback from those whom have attended her sessions and worked with her in the past.