Meet Verity

Verity set up Wolfy Trix Manor in early 2022 following discovering that art can be used as an effective tool for self discovery through expressing ideas both consciously and unconsciously. She loves how art provides a healthy escape to every day life and how difficult to grasp concepts can be articulated powerfully. When treating art shamanically she akins the likeness of the entire process of a wolf searching and hunting on a journey of it’s own to find relief and find answers.

Verity took a course in Creative Facilitation and Reflective Arts Practice in Socially Engaged Arts in 2022. She ran weekly creative work shops in Glastonbury on various topics covering everthing from free flow art to mythical creatures. It soon became apparent that the application of the Wolfy Trix Manor approach to art in conjunction with a theme was powerful and everything seemed to point towards hosting retreats so that attendees could fully immerse themselves into escapism as-well as attain a high degree of insight into a particular topic area.

Verity holds an Art Life Coaching Qualification, as-well as A-Level Art and a BA (Hons) Hospitality Management degree. She has worked in several therapeutic health care settings including ‘Enable’ in Yeovil; Personalised Mental Health Services and “We Are With You’ in Weston Super-Mare; Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Services. She has also worked widely and creatively with children including working as a Lead Facilitator and Teacher in Personal, Social and Health Education in inner city schools in Bristol via ‘Unique Voice’, as-well as an After School Arts Club Manager.  

She hopes to not only help you attain life shifting transformational insights on a retreat but also to provide you with a tool to support you on the rest of your journey for life.