Self Discovery Soul Art Retreats

Exploration of the Divine Feminine Within

A self disovery soul art retreat with Wolfy Trix Manor promises an escape not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. Through escapism and journeying, this will organically evolve to a point of reconnection with yourself and lead to a powerful sense of well being and self knowing.

There will be a variety of practices to engage with including Qi Gung, creative meditations, free flow dance and plenty of art contact time to express, create and explore. These will all be targetted towards exploring the divine feminine within; a gateway portal for self empowerment and self love.

Up and Coming Retreats

Wolfy Trix Manor: Self Discovery Soul Art Retreat Exploring the Divine Feminine

Location: Earth Spirit Centre near Glastonbury in Somerset

Dates: 27th – 30th May 2023 Bank Holiday weekend

Female Only Retreat

Wolfy Trix Manor

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